Originally known as a primarily West Coast drug, meth and methamphetamines have quickly spread into Texas and the Midwest as production has become dominated by Mexico. Usage is high around Texas, and most are imported into TX through Mexico but there are a series of roving meth labs that go through major cities like Fort Worth and Austin. However, methamphetamines are also extremely popular in Dallas and Houston. In 2008 within Texas over 3,500 people were admitted into treatment centers for meth abuse.

Interestingly admissions into Meth treatment centers are just as common for a woman as men, the only major drug to have that distinction. If you wish to contact a treatment center that offers meth treatment for information about their rehabilitation/rehab programs, please don’t hesitate to fill out an online form on our facility pages and we will have them contact you immediately. Don’t hesitate to contact more than one facility as it’s imperative that you find the best fit for you or your loved one.