Alcoholism is a serious problem across the United States, which because of it’s legal nature, creates cultural and educational rifts in our social system. More people abuse alcohol and are admitted into treatment in Dallas and the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area than any illicit drug, despite it legality. In 2008 in Texas (TX), approximately 25% of all treatment center admissions were from alcohol abuse or alcohol abuse with a secondary drug. On average, 67% of these patients were male, but there were still 5624 women admitted to alcohol-related drug treatment in 2008.

Beyond being a silent killer in Dallas, as with the whole of the United States, alcohol has some of the worst withdrawal effects of any drug on earth, comparable in severity to heroin and other depressants and opiates. The most important thing an alcoholic can do is to go through a medically established detoxification clinic, and then use alcohol withdrawal medication like naloxone to fight the body’s natural response to withdrawal. From there, using proper medication as advised by a doctor or treatment professional, the move to a sober life become easier.

For the sake of your (or your loved ones) health, your relationship to your friends and family, and all-out social wellbeing, please review the treatment centers below to find the best facility forĀ alcohol treatment in Dallas.